SDOM Portable Nebulizer Machine for Adults & Kids - Jet Compressor Nebulizer with Accessory Set - Personal Cool Mist Inhaler for Asthma, Breathing Issues - Home & Travel Use, Quiet & Efficient

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Adult patients✿ If you or your family members suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma or bronchitis, with just one button operation, you can receive treatment at home without the need for frequent medical visits. SDOM nebulizer wireless design makes it very compact and portable, allowing you to carry it with you at all times. Even when you are using it, it will not disturb others because its noise level is less than 45dB.

Pediatric patients✿  If your child suffers from respiratory diseases such as asthma or pneumonia, SDOM nebulizer machine for kids can help them better absorb medication and relieve symptoms. SDOM nebulizer machine uses compressed air technology, with a high nebulization rate (≥0.2 ml/min), making it easier to absorb, resulting in better treatment outcomes. At the same time, its compact and lightweight design makes it easy for children to carry. You can even treat your child before bedtime without worrying about the noise affecting their sleep.

✿Cardiovascular disease patients✿  If you or your family members suffer from cardiovascular diseases, SDOM nebulizer machine for adults can also help you. It can be used to treat diseases such as pulmonary heart disease, allowing you to receive treatment at home. Our nebulizer is FDA certified and safe to use.

Allergy sufferers✿ If you or your family members suffer from allergy symptoms such as pollen allergies or mold infections, SDOM breathing machine nebulizer can also help relieve symptoms, allowing you to better cope with allergic reactions.

✿Healthy individuals  If you are a healthy individual, SDOM portable nebulizer can also help you. It can be used to enhance your immune system, prevent respiratory diseases, and keep you healthy. It is an ideal choice for households, offices, and even travel, as it can be used almost anywhere.

✿Home use Regardless of which group you belong to, SDOM handheld nebulizer is designed for home use. It uses oil-free lubrication piston pumps, with low air compression vibration and a noise level that meets national standards. Its solution cup can hold up to 8ml, with residual residue less than 0.1ml after use. Its detachable structure design makes it more convenient for cleaning after use. Our product is packaged in a perfect mini black backpack box. SDOM nebulizers is FDA certified, allowing you to receive treatment worry-free at home, and making you and your family healthier and happier.

✿Working Noise: ≤45dB.

✿Power :AC100-240V/50Hz/60Hz DC12V/1A

✿Weight:1.45Lbs/ 22 oz/ 0.65 kg.

✿Dimension: 18cmX14cmX10.5cm(7.1”x 5.7”x 4.2”)

✿Power supply: Plug-in.

Package Includes:

✿1 x SDOM 2022 New Indoor Compact Compressor Nebulizer with a Black Box.

✿1 x Wrapped in a white and blue carton with SDOM logo.

✿1 x Universal mouthpiece,

✿1 x Adult face part (with a strap),

✿1 x Child's face part(with a strap),

✿1 x Compressed air tube(extra long),

✿1 x Liquid cup,

✿20 x Filter, English user manual, retail box.


Our Journey: Established in 2019, SDOM started in a small office with a dream of building a century-old brand. We were dedicated to providing the perfect medical equipment to help our friends solve their problems. Through relentless exploration, experimentation, and constant improvement, we have gradually refined our machines to meet the highest standards. Today, SDOM has earned the trust and support of a growing community, all thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Specialized Category: SDOM focuses on the medical domain, offering a wide range of medical products and services. We understand the rigorous quality requirements in the medical field, and hence, we always pay attention to the research and innovation of our products to meet the ever-changing market demands.

Patent Qualification: We are FDA certified, which is a strong guarantee of our product quality and safety. We strive to provide the safest and most effective medical equipment for our customers, allowing them to use our products with confidence.

Business Philosophy: At SDOM, we are committed to providing reliable and innovative solutions to everyday challenges. We wholeheartedly understand our customers' needs and deliver products that exceed expectations. We take pride in our attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of our medical equipment is crafted with care and precision.

Together, let us build a brighter future with SDOM - where quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction are at the heart of everything we do.