SDOM 2023 New Compact Compressor Nebulizer for adult and child Mini Asthma Inhaler

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One-key Operation & Plug-in Power✿ Plug the machine into the outlet. Just press the switch to on/off, it will be easier to operate for kids and the elderly. It needs to be plugged into a socket to get it to work, sufficient power, sufficient power to make it work steady. 

Low Noise & Compact Design✿ Less than 45dB, give you a quiet environment. The detachable structure design makes cleaning more convenient and thorough. And our product comes in a perfect mini black backpack box.

✿Cordless✿   It is small and weighs about 1.45Lbs/ 22 oz/ 0.65 kg. Easy to carry on the go.

Light-weight & Portable✿ Ideal for home, office, and even travel use, this handheld steam machine can be used almost anywhere to help you find soothing relief.

Compressed air technology  performs a high nebulization rate (≥0.2 ml/min) for easier nebulization, great for Adults and young children. Certified device - it is certified so you can be confident in effecting home nebulization. It adopts an oil-free lubrication piston pump, small air compression vibration, the working noise of the whole machine complies with national standards.

Fewer Residues The solution cup reaches up to a max of 8 cc, and the solutions can be completely absorbed by your skin. After using, the residues are less than 0.1 ml.

✿Working Noise: ≤45dB.

✿Power :AC100-240V/50Hz/60Hz DC12V/1A

✿Weight:1.45Lbs/ 22 oz/ 0.65 kg.

✿Dimension: 18cmX14cmX10.5cm(7.1”x 5.7”x 4.2”)

✿Power supply: Plug-in.

Package Includes:

✿1 x SDOM 2022 New Indoor Compact Compressor Nebulizer with a Black Box.

✿1 x Wrapped in a white and blue carton with SDOM logo.

✿1 x Universal mouthpiece,

✿1 x Adult face part (with a strap),

✿1 x Child's face part(with a strap),

✿1 x Compressed air tube(extra long),

✿1 x Liquid cup,

✿20 x Filter, English user manual, retail box.


How did we get started? We started our team in an office after helping some friends find the best machine to solve their problems. After a time, in the exploration and trial, again and again, we did make our machines step by step to modify and improve. And at this time, SDOM has gained a small part of the supporters.