4 Reasons You Should Choose Portable Compressor Nebulizer of SDOM brand

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1.Noise Level 

Noise level is an important reason to choose a nebulizer because you may live at home with your family. If you use the nebulizer at night and it is noisy, you may wake up your family. On top of that, if you are buying a nebulizer for your child, you need a nebulizer with a low noise level. And our products are below 45 dB. They can guarantee your comfort. The detachable construction design makes cleaning easier and more thorough. And our products have a perfect mini black backpack case, which is easy to carry when you are out and about.Noise level below 45 dB

2.Faster Atomization Rate and Low Operational Cost

SDOM has two types of nebulizers: compressor nebulizers and mesh nebulizers. Our compressor nebulizer takes about 10 minutes to do a treatment, while the mesh nebulizer takes about 17 minutes. The nebulized particles are approximately 0.5-10 μm, which allows the medication to be delivered directly to the lungs to relieve respiratory symptoms. All products use compressed air technology to perform high atomization rate (≥0.2 ml/min) for easier nebulization. After use, the residue is less than 0.1 ml. Our products are ideal for use in adults and young children. And, most importantly, they are affordable and suitable for every family.Caring for your whole family

3.Easy Operation

SDOM's desktop nebulizers and handheld nebulizers are easy to operate: just plug the machine into an outlet, push the switch, and you're ready to go. So don't worry about the elderly and children not knowing how to use it. Perfect for home use, providing reliable and efficient nebulization therapy.

one button operation


Most of SDOM's products are very light. Things like the desktop portable compression nebulizer will weigh a little heavier, roughly 0.75 ounces. Other products weigh between 0.65 kg, such as the new indoor compression nebulizer. All of them provide reliable and efficient nebulization therapy. And they are all portable, even the tabletop nebulizer has 1 set of accessories for use when traveling. Therefore, they are suitable for home, office and even travel use, especially the handheld nebulizers can be used almost anywhere to help you find soothing relief.Small size light weight


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