Nebulizers vs. Inhalers:Why Use A Nebulizer Instead of an Inhaler?

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Both inhalers and nebulizers deliver inhaled medications to the lungs. They are used to treat asthma and other lung diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These devices cause fewer side effects than oral or injectable medications.

Nebulizers are similar to inhalers, however, unlike inhalers that require specific techniques to be effective, nebulizers are very simple to use. Nebulizers turn your medication into a breathable mist, so you can simply breathe normally to complete your treatment.  Here are some of the benefits of the SDOM brand of nebulizer.

What is an inhaler?

An inhaler is a small handheld device used to deliver medication directly into the lungs. Inhalers send short bursts of aerosolized medication directly into the mouth and can work in seconds.Unlike pills or liquid medications that must be swallowed, asthma medications open the airways quickly, resulting in faster relief.

   However, some medication may be lost if the wrong technique is used.For example,with a metered-dose inhaler, the mouthpiece has to be tightly sealed with the lips and inhaled while maintaining the seal.

common types of inhalerUse of Inhaler

The most common types of inhalers are:

  • Metered-dose inhaler (MDI): This is the most common type of inhaler. A metered-dose inhaler uses a chemical to push the medicine into the lungs. It is held in front of or put into the mouth as the medicine is released in puffs.
  • Dry powder or rotary inhaler:Dry powder inhalers deliver medicine in a powdered form. It does not spray out. With these devices that are activated by your breath,the user must inhale the medicine quickly and deeply.And it’s important to keep these inhalers dry so that the powder doesn't clump together.
  • How to Use a Dry Powder Inhaler

    Inhaler Pros

    • Small and easy to carry around
    • Faster treatments
    • Quicker relief during asthma attacks
    • Don’t require a power source

    Inhaler cons

    • They take practice to master
    • You may need a spacer attachment
    • Possible errors in drug delivery despite the presence of spacers
    • You have to correctly aim the mouthpiece

    What is a nebulizer?

    A nebulizer is a small compressor that turns liquid medication into a fine mist for the patient to inhale. The inhaled medication can go directly into the lungs and respiratory system as long as they are relaxed and able to take deep breaths.And they may be easier for children, since they can be more accurate in terms of dosage delivery.

    Nebulizers are considered easier to use because you simply inhale the medication directly into the lungs. And the inhaler must be aimed correctly, so choosing a nebulizer is the best option for children who are too young or adults who have become weak due to illness.

    There are two main types of nebulizers available in SDOM brand: compressor nebulizer, and mesh nebulizer. Each system produces medicated aerosol in a slightly different way to deliver these particles deeply into the lungs. Other differences between these types of nebulizers is their efficiency and the amount of medication they deliver to the lungs.High Micron Atomization EfficiencyAdvanced Vibrating Mesh Technology

    • Compressor nebulizersCompressor nebulizers use compressed gas to make medicated mist. The air flowing forces the solution onto the surface of a baffle. The baffle breaks down the solution into small droplets, measuring 1 to 5 micrometers, which a patient can easily inhale. Compressor nebulizers are inexpensive, easy to use, and can deliver a variety of medications that cannot be administered by handheld inhalers.the New SDOM 2022 Compressor Nebulizer
    • Mesh nebulizersMesh nebulizersproduce stable aerosol particles that can penetrate deep into the lungs. Some mesh nebulizers are highly specialized, and these devices allow for custom adjustments to improve the efficiency of delivery of specific drugs. Mesh Nebulizers:Easy to Operate

      Nebulizer Pros

      • Easier to use
      • More suitable for younger children and the elderly
      • Can be used during other activities
      • Long-lasting and durable

      Nebulizer Cons 

      • Even with portable nebulizers, they are larger than inhalers
      • They need to be cleaned after each use. 
      • Treatment time is longer

      Final Word:

      Compared to inhalers, nebulizers are easier to handle and are well suited for children and the elderly. And it can deliver medication more accurately. A portable nebulizer is also a good choice if you need to go out. It gives you the freedom to take your medication wherever you need it, without any problems. If you're worried that the nebulizer is too big to carry around, check out the SDOM brand nebulizer. The mesh nebulizer is great for on-the-go use because there are two ways to use it, so you don't have to plug it in to use it.


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